Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Favorite Podcasts

I got really into podcasts this summer when I barely did any driving and spent a lot of time on the train or on foot. After a few weeks my music got really boring, and after remembering how addicted to Serial I was when I was abroad, I thought I'd expand my horizons. I sort of fell of the bandwagon with my listening in the fall, but now that I'm done with capping (!!!) I have a lot more time on my hands! I'm in a few classes right now that are forcing me to think out of the box a little, and pay close attention to current events, and I've found that podcasts are a great way to get some of those juices flowing. Here are my top picks...

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn 

I love the way Jesse Thorn organizes his interviews. He gets to talk to a lot of really random (but interesting) people and he asks them questions that go below surface level. This one's a little bit longer, so it was perfect when I was commuting this summer. One of my favorite interviews was with Jason Schwartzman! 

Planet Money 

I am not a finance person. Not even a little. This podcast makes current finance issues really approachable, though and make me feel like I can actually get my head around certain things. The most recent one I listened to discussed the plausibility of the presidential candidate's economic suggestions. Really good stuff. 

Modern Love

This podcast includes short essays from the NY Time's column read by celebrities. It's short and light and really good for listening to when you need a study break or need to get some cleaning/organization done. 

Freakonomics Radio 

I started listening to this over the summer when Aziz Ansari tweeted that he was featured in one of the episodes and fell in love with it instantly. The hosts are super funny and dive into all sorts of things I'd never even think of, but love listening to. 

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